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The North Belfast Dart League

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North Belfast League Rules and Regulations

 Riallacha an Sraithchomórtais


The following rules are the regulations of the North Belfast Dart League and as such must be strictly adhered to.

1. Any player signing for more than one team will be registered to the first team that he/she either throws for or his/her name appears on a match card as playing.                                                                                                 

(a). Teams can register players unto the last Delegates Meeting of September. There will be two signing windows during the season between the last two weeks of November and the first two weeks of January.

2. Any player or team who owes money to another team or to the league cannot play for another team or in the league until that money is paid in full.

3. Three men constitute a team and any team not fulfilling a fixture will be fined £25.00.

4. Each team must register one Delegate and a Deputy Delegate at the start of each season.

5. All Delegates must attend meetings on each Monday night at 7.30pm in The North Belfast Dart League Headquarters (St Malachy?s Old Boys Association). Delegates Meetings will take place on a Tuesday night on any week that there is a cup game in the venue of the cup before the cup games.                                                      

(a). Alcohol shall not be permitted at league meetings and that anyone who is intoxicated at the time of a meeting they shall not be permitted to that meeting.                                                                                                   

6. All league matches must start at 9-00pm and no later than 9.15pm.

7. Cup matches will start at 8-30pm unless otherwise stated.                                                                                

(a). 701 Competitions, Players who have not played in main competition can have their names drawn first in 701 competition to help ensure everyone gets a game of darts.                                                                                  

(b). All teams must be in the hall no later than 8:15 and have their draw completed and ready to toe the oche at 8:30.   

8. An open bid will be held for all bidding competitions.

9. Any rule passed at the start of the season cannot be changed but new rules and amendments can be added.

10. Any and all decision can only be taken at a meeting of the Executive and or Delegates on a Monday Night or whenever a meeting has been prearranged.

11. Delegates or there Deputies must attend at least 2/3rds of the Delegate meetings.

12. All matches in the league must be played out, but play for a result only in cup matches.

13. All prize monies from all North Belfast Dart League competitions shall be paid out at the end of the season at the end of season presentation evening.                                                                                                               

14. Teams will receive 1 point for each individual game won in league matches.

(a). In league games players will receive 2 points per win with reference to the league player of the year.          

15. In league matches the away team will have darts to throw for the bull. In all other competitions the referee will toss for the throw.

(a). Winner of the toss throws for the bull first.                                                                                                   

(b). Darts that land in the outer bull or the bulls-eye must be removed.                                                                                                                                                                 

16. Room dues will be £8.00 per week and must be paid a week in advance on a weekly basis.                         

(a). Each North Belfast Dart League team must purchase a minimum of 5 Lucky Numbers per week.

17. The two captains and the referee are the only ones who can stop a match. Any match stopped by any of them, the reason or a protest (if any) must be written on the back of the match card and signed by the person stopping the game.

18. Match cards must be given to the P.R.O. no later than the following Delegates Meeting (A clearly taken photo of the match card must be taken and posted on the league whats-app group. A fine of £5-00 will be imposed for a late and/or disfigured card.

19. Match cards must be marked clearly with full names printed plus scores of 90 or more marked on the match card. The results of each game must be marked clearly along with the final games result clearly marked on the front of the match card.                                                                                                                                          

(a). Once a draw is done and the match card is completed under no circumstances can it be changed or a draw redone.                                                                                                                                                                   

(b). If there is a bye in any game then BYE must be recorded on the match card as the player receiving the bye will be awarded a 3-0 win in reference to the league?s player of the year.                                                            

(c). If a game is brought forward that player must leave the premises after his/her game. Teams/Players can only bring 4 games forward during the season and games brought forward must be marked on the match card.                                                                                                                                              

(d). Teams can put a game back in cup matches to allow for a player to play if they are running late. If the player hasn?t arrived by the time of the last game (i.e. their game) and there is no double slip then the game is forfeited.   

20. League Delegates Committee impose fines not the Executive Committee.

(a). Any-one fined by the League Delegates Committee has got 3 weeks from the date of the fine being imposed to pay that fine. Or he/she has got 2 weeks to launch an appeal, if an appeal is acceptable.

(b). All appeals must be accompanied by a fee of £5-00 refundable only if the appeal is upheld.

(c). All appeals will be heard by League Executive Committee.                                                                          

(d). While an appeal is being heard the person appealing can continue playing in the league until the appeal has been passed and/or upheld.                                                                                                                                     

21. If a player enters a competition and fails to turn up that player will forfeit his entrance fee.                        

(a). If that player turns up late and misses sign in he/she will not be able to play their match but will still forfeit their entrance fee.                                                                                                                                                   

(b). In the 3-A-Sides and Pairs competitions the same rules apply.                                                                      

(c). Roll call or sign in will be done at a stated time before each North Belfast Dart League competition.         

 22. Players must go through their own Delegates and no other Delegates.                                                

23. Each team must supply either the referee or the marker. This must be agreed before the match draw.               

24. Cups sponsored by clubs/pubs will be run over one week and will be sponsored for £100.00                      

25. League members must not play any games or machines in the dart room while a dart match is in progress. 

26. Teams are responsible for their members during all fixtures. After the fixture is over players should remember that they are a member of the North Belfast Dart League and should behave in an appropriate manor as a representative of the North Belfast Dart League.                                                                                            

27. All North Belfast Dart League members must behave in a proper manor towards other North Belfast Dart League members. Any sort of physical violence, bullying intimidating, sexist or inappropriate behaviour committed by a member of the North Belfast Dart League onto/or against another North Belfast Dart League member connected to the North Belfast Dart League and or its members clubs and pubs will be given an automatic 1 month ban without appeal.                                                                                                                  

(a). Further and other offences will result in bans of six months and or one full year should the Executive Committee deem necessary.

28. Only the darts in the board at the time of retrieval will count.

29. Any dart thrown directly after the double is hit will be deemed as being busted. If the double has been hit and both players shake hands after the referee has called game then the game will be officially over.

30. All referees must stand as still as possible while a player is throwing. He/she will not touch the darts in the board at any time. He/she will call out the scores hit only.

31. Any North Belfast Dart League members bringing drink, food and or any illegal substance into any club or pub during or on league nights/events will be barred from the league.

32. All teams and their members are asked to respect the rules and property of the clubs and pubs of the North Belfast Dart League.

33. North Belfast Dart League Delegates cannot interfere in any barring by the pubs and clubs in the league.

34. Extenuating circumstances not covered by these rules will go before a meeting of the North Belfast Dart Leagues Executive Committee for a decision.                                                                                                       

35. Any North Belfast Dart League teams fielding an unregistered player or a disqualified/banned player from the league will be deducted 5 points.                                                                                                                      

36. All North Belfast Dart League teams must have a high standard dart board (a Unicorn Eclipse or a Winmau Blade or equivalent) for league and or cup games to be played on.                                                                      

(a).  All teams must have a minimum Oche height of 4 inches to ensure that no player gains an unfair advantage by stepping over the oche.                                                                                                                                      

37. All teams must pay a £5 entry fee per team into all non-bidding North Belfast Dart League cup competitions. 

38. Each team can register a maximum of 12 players per team.                                                                           

39. Players must attend 50% of all North Belfast Dart League games to become eligible to play in any and all North Belfast Dart League Biding competitions.                                                                                                   

40. The North Belfast Dart League Reserve the Right to refuse admission to an individual or team into the North Belfast Dart League.


41. All teams must have the standard set up as detail below,ure: The official WDF D

artboard setup.