The North Belfast Dart League

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League Table after round 15 of league
2018 - 2019 Cup Winners

Charity Shield Winners : L.W.M.C (A)
Charity Slate 701 Winners :L.W.M.C (B)
Jim Sullivan Cup Winners : L.W.M.C (A)
Wolfhill Cup 701 Winners : City Hibs
St Malachy's Cup Winners : The Glenpark Celtic
Vicinage Cup 701 Winners : L.W.M.C (A)
3-A-Side Winners : L.W.M.C (A1) P McCartan - D Magee - D McCusker
1001 Cup Winners : Glenpark (A) K Mezza - J Doyle - SP Grant
McIllhatton Cup Winners : The Glenpark Celtic
Smithfield & Union Shield 701 Winners : St Malachy's Old Boys
The Bone Grand Prix Winners : The City Hibs
The Waterworks Grand Prix 701 Winner: L.W.M.C (B)
The Larry Kennedy Cup : The Glenpark Celtic
Milly Dam 701 : The City Hibs
Village Tavern Top Half Cup : L.W.M.C (A)
Emmett Ramsey Bottom Half Cup : St Malachy's Old Boys
The Glenpark Celtic Cross Top Half Cup : L.W.M.C (A)
The Scared Heart Bottom Half Cup : L.W.M.C (B)
Sara O'Reilly Pairs : P Maguire & C Hanna
701 Pairs Winners : J McWilliams & J Mahon
McGurks Bar Memorial Cup : L.W.M.C (A) 
The Cavehill 701 Cup : The Glenpark Celtic 
The Fortwilliam Cup : 
The Carlisle Cup : 
Billy Brooks Snr Individuals : 
Kate Lynch 701 Individuals : 
Margaret McKervey Cup : 
James Dillon Cup :